Marina Forgeron is founder art director, fashion stylist and model based Europe between Paris and Milan.


Since 2019 Marina started her career as a model. Collecting experiences, she started create own visual campaigns for fashion and beauty brands, where she figured as creative director and stylist in front and behind the camera. 


She collaborated with lots of photographers and creatives in Europe on projects for European and international clients as Laura Mercier, More Dash, S | HE,  BOZIDARA, Chakshyn, KM by Lange, JING YU, LEEWÉI, Pink Magnolia and others. Her works are published in magazines as FLANELL, VOGUE Britain, and covers main page of a Picton Magazine. 

“Today we live in a world, where visuality takes so big part of our daily life. 

Working with fashion brands and individuals, my role is to create strong visual presence that will become a great tool for expressing yourself or your brand in a quickly changing world.  

I don’t have borders between advertising and art projects. When we go outside we see adverts everywhere, and daily I mention so much of exiting works of so many artists that impacted to make their visions real, that I’m surely can say that art is not placed only in museums or exhibitions. 


Each brand is unique and my priority is to build aesthetically unique projects and produce authentic visual message to audience. “ (Marina Forgeron)


From 2020 Marina started work with her husband Luke Forgeron - film director and instrumental music composer, and working as a team they add a video and music production for brands and individuals in fashion and beauty sphere. 

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